andrew t. lyman

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horrible vacuum international - publisher of the finest word-movies worldwide
evening town publique records - hyper-informal record buyers club and mixtapes
openspace wilderness - abandoned social network nature preserver
arthur lyman jr. - small smattering of design and images


the tan - experimental non-commercial gallery, Albuquerque
the tannex - clubhouse, coffee speak-easy, and diy venue, Albuquerque
nada publishing - currently hibernating publisher of erratic texts and thoughtful drivel


the tan
peril in the art world - alibi, july 2013
the tan can - alibi, december 2012
usea underground symposium of ecclectronic art - alibi, august 2012
the tan - temporary art review, may 2012
ghost in the machine - nm compass, march 2014
preserving abandoned blog posts - neural, june 2014


block party summer - tumbler of cinema, schlock, and weird
hvac_international - instagram of Horrible Vacuum International and ephemera
evening town - mixtapes on mixcloud
police are baffled - twitter feed that has police baffled


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